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Joanna Wojewoda /vɔ.jɛˈvɔ.da/ is a Toronto-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in working with food and products. Joanna’s passion for food, it’s culture and the unique nature of bringing people together along with her passion for photography has ultimately led her to marry these two disconnected worlds which has led to endless opportunities to work with many businesses and brands - from innovative and sustainability-focused local startups to internationally recognized brands.

Besides sharing her passion for photography through the means of creating images, Joanna offers her knowledge and expertise through group workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions. She has made numerous appearances as a guest speaker at Sheridan College, ran Food Photography workshops for entrepreneurs in partnership with The Food Venture Program, and taught classes focusing on providing an introductory foundation to photography, photo editing, as well as a workshop focused on food photography at GTA Photography Classes.

When not collaborating in studio or on location for commissioned projects or sharing her photography knowledge in group workshops and one-on-one settings, Joanna loves to explore, both, close and far from home while photographing urban and rural landscapes for her ongoing personal projects.

You will also find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen, growing vegetables in her backyard garden, cycling or frolicking around the city with her two pups.


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