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With the future quickly approaching, Motke has a firm grasp on the importance of a carefully considered breakfast and the need for comfortable sneakers. All that being said, Motke’s foundation is in traditional filmmaking, and his commercial style can be described

as a subtle blend of whimsey, smiles, and precise beats.

Motke’s storytelling background, along with his past life as a graphic designer and musician, has helped guide his choices over the

years - from beautiful visuals to choosing the exact phrasing to best communicate an idea as well as finding that right tempo to bring the message home. Motke has directed spots for Downey, Febreze, Honda, Jeep, GMC and many other single word companies, including Litter-Robot, who sometimes uses a hyphen.

Say Hey To Litter-Robot & Goodbye To Scooping | Self-Cleaning Litter Box (60s)
CUNA - Someday
Schnucks Rewards
Never scoop cat litter again with Litter-Robot
Postmates Commercial - Forte
2021 Responsible Gambling - Binge Watch 30
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