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793 Catering is created to bring the experience of fine dining and restaurant cooking to catering. With our chef’s experience in the top restaurants in Toronto, Paris, and Sydney, we poised to deliver the very best to ensure your production exceeds expectations. Our expert coordinators will work with you to determine your needs, and craft a meal plan just for you. Our menus have been designed specifically

to stand up to the rigours of the film industry. Do yourself a favour and request out signature meat pie, there is a veggie one too.



Born and raised in Australia, Peter grew up surrounded by open water, beaches, and locally grown food. With access to year round fresh and seasonal produce, as well as the freshest meat and seafood, Peter developed his passion for food and cooking. Food has always been a focus in Peter’s home; family dinners, and particularly holiday celebrations and traditions helped shape Peter’s cooking style and knowledge. Growing up, Peter remembers his mother, a skilled cook, refusing to cook a turkey in the summer heat at Christmas time. Instead, the whole family would spend the morning at the beach and then come home to feast on a fresh seafood lunch. It was a valuable lesson, and helped Peter understand that food is best when it’s local and in season.


After completing his chef training in Sydney, Peter spent seven years working in restaurants and catering clubs there. In 2003, Peter moved to Toronto, where he has worked under some of the top chefs in the country. With his signature speed and attention to detail, he excelled in the high pressure world of restaurant fine dining. Having straddled both restaurant and catering worlds for his entire career, in 2008 his love of planning and organizing finally won out and Peter made the switch to catering full-time. He still insists on preparing his food the right way, using traditional methods, from scratch, bringing a unique approach to the catering world.

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