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Carrie Stett is a director and writer with a passion for authentic storytelling that evokes emotion. Her award-winning brand films on the Kleenex Cares campaign made kindness contagious, delivering over 500 million organic views, winning the ANA Multicultural Award, a silver Effie Award and the shortlist for a Cannes Lion. AdWeek named "Unlikely Best Friends" one of the top viral videos of the year in 2015.


Carrie has worked closely with celebrities and brands to create content for Disney/ABC, Nickelodeon, Univision, Tennis Channel, Facebook and YouTube. Brands she has worked

with include Toyota, Chase, Michaels, Burger King, Walmart and Barbie. She was selected for SHOOT Magazine's New Director's Showcase 2017 featuring the best new directing talent globally and was also named one of StudioDaily's Exceptional Women in Production and Post for her pioneering work with interactive storytelling.


Carrie enjoys collaborating at the early stages of an idea. She has twice been a Semifinalist in the Austin Film Festival and is currently developing original screenplays and  documentary about Title IX and sports. Carrie is a former Division I tennis player and coach. when not spending time with family,  she can be found on the tennis courts

of Los Angeles.

Hello Adil and Roya!


I’m so excited to read this brief. I am a small business owner myself, and I have enjoyed being able to interview so many brave and interesting female entrepreneurs in my films. There is a secret sauce for success, especially in the wake of COVID and all of the challenges in the world today, so what better way to visualize that than actual sauce!


Casting real business owners will be our secret sauce. I always take the time to speak to the candidates and make sure they have a mix of charisma and relatability. Ideally they’ve overcome challenges (who hasn’t), which adds an extra layer. I really enjoy these conversations because it’s a chance to dig into their stories and start building the relationship that will carry forward once we’re on set. I make sure it feels relaxed and collaborative on set, so that our performances re authentic and real. Having a little lightheartedness to balance out the struggle will go a long way in drawing viewers in and opening the door for empathy. 


We can make one location work as long as we show diversity in the type of restaurants each person works in and the type of food they prepare. Maybe one is a pastry chef from Montreal, another from the west coast serves seafood, etc. I believe it’s all about striking the right tone and this is my wheelhouse. Authentic expressions from real people that never feel cliche. This goes for the interview as well. These women have risked something to follow a dream. Let’s dig into that.


Still photos and group shots for social are easy to incorporate into the day. For Facebook, I did “BuyBlackFriday,” an entire series of live events featuring small business owners, many female, with vertical options and product shots, so gathering what we need for social is just part of our “spice." I have a great team that’s diverse behind the lens ready to knock this out of the park. Thanks for taking a look at my reel!