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Paul is constantly looking for new creative boundaries to push.

He has worked in the ad world for over 25 years branding the top global food brands. He first built his career working in ad agencies as a award winning creative director building McDonald’s and then Tim Hortons. His work focuses on food, people, and turning regular life into something just a little bit more meaningful. 


Over the past decade he has built his own brand directing and utilizes his creative experience to bring that extra spark of magic to every project he works on. He's worked with other major brands like Loblaws, Oxford Frozen Foods, Swiss Chalet, KFC, Popeye’s, Kellogs, and the list goes on. He continues to tell stories that speak to audiences and his passion for shooting food  is expressed in the quality of work that is delivered. He looks forward to working with you and your creative team.

We love this creative.


Thank-you for the opportunity to present a director for this delicious Wendy’s spot.

We have a director who would knock this spot out of the park. 


We’d like to present Mellow Juju director Paul Irving. His vast experience directing food spots for global brands make him a great option for this one. The fact that he’s possibly shot more crispy chicken sandwiches than anyone past or present makes him, perhaps, the ideal candidate. At least we hope so.


Brands that have trusted Paul to build delicious and appetizing content include, among others, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, KFC, Mr. Sub, Subway and Swiss Chalet. By now, it should come as no surprise that he’s shot chicken sandwiches for them all!


Paul’s a fun, witty sort who takes a collaborative approach to everything. His personality will mesh well with the tone of this spot. He also thinks Wendy’s might be the only major fast

food brand he’s yet to work on - he’s stoked for the opportunity.


Let’s make something great together!




  • Rob Plaxton, EP Mellow Juju

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