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There is much to rediscover about 793 Pharmacy Avenue. It was purpose-built as a sound stage back in the 80’s, and has been

home to many feature films. Legends like Cher, De Niro, and Marlon Brando have wandered its halls. But the best days are yet to be.  This 85,000 square foot facility has been reimagined as a modern one stop production hub. Within its walls you will find 3 x 15,000 sqr.ft.  sound stages, cyc green room, photo/video tabletop studios, and a large event lounge. Remember wrap parties?

They will be back.


Why do we call ourselves one of a kind, you ask? Well, we have everything that goes into both long and short form production

under one roof. In addition to the volume of shooting studios, we have a Dolby Atmos certified audio studio. Post production has

multiple edit suites, colour room, VFX, for broadcast and film, along with podcasting and live streaming video capabilities. 


We even have a shiny, new commercial kitchen run by in-house chef Peter Harvey to deliver freshly prepared individual meals – morning,

noon & night to both cast and crew.  On-site, we even have 4,500 square feet of luxury living space to house your production team.

You might never leave the building to complete your production.

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